Vipassana dans la tradition de S.N. Goenka

"It is a basic human need that everyone wants to live a happy life. For this, one has to experience real happiness. The so-called happiness that one experiences by having money, power, and indulging in sensual pleasures is not real happiness. It is very fragile, unstable and fleeting. For real happiness, for lasting stable happiness, one has to make a journey deep within oneself and get rid of all the unhappiness stored in the deeper levels of the mind. As long as there is misery at the depth of the mind all attempts to feel happy at the surface level of the mind prove futile."

S.N. Goenka

Apprendre à méditer


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William Hart (livre d'introduction) : L'art de vivre
Sayagi U Ba Khin : Sayagi U Ba Khin Journal
Bill Crecelius : A meditator handbook (pour anciens étudiants)
S. N. Goenka : For the benefit of many
Paul Fleishman : Karma and Chaos



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Thanissaro Bhikkhu  

"The key to maintaining your inspiration in the day-to-day work of meditation practice is to approach it as play—a happy opportunity to master practical skills, to raise questions, experiment, and explore."

Son site (anglais) : dhammatalks

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Pour apprendre à médtier seul : "Avec chaque respiration : Un guide pour la méditation."

Ses discours grand publique (anglais) : audiadharma

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Sayadaw U Tejaniya  

"Most people don’t seem to really appreciate the value of the work of awareness. They tend to think that the importance of meditation is in the things that they observe. But the objects do not really matter. People also spend a lot of time thinking about the results. They want to experience peaceful states; they want to ‘bliss out’. Then they get attached to these states and to the objects they focus on. The real value of meditation is not in getting such results, however enjoyable they may be. The real value of meditation is the actual process of being aware and understanding what is happening. The process is important, not the result! Instead of complaining about what is or is not happening, you should appreciate that you are aware – regardless of what you are aware of – and learn from it. Awareness alone is not enough! Having a desire to really understand what is going on is much more important than just trying to be aware. We practise mindfulness meditation because we want to understand."

Son site (anglais) : ashintejaniya

Les meilleurs Livres : Don’t look Down on the Defilements et Awareness Alone is Not Enough

Bhante Vimalaramsi  

      Good definitions from the path to Nibbana 

  • Meditation means, ‘observing the movement of mind’s attention moment-to-moment, in order to see clearly how the links Dependent of Origination actually work.’
  • Mindfulness means ‘remembering to observe ‘How’ mind’s attention moves from one thing to another' 
Forgivness Meditation (the best !)

Ajahn Sona

Son monastère : Birken
Vidéo : Youtube (super vidéos de sa biographie et sur la cosmologie !)

Ajahn Amaro

Son monastère : Amaravati
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Ajahn Punnadhammo

Son monastère : Arrow River
Article : Letters from mara

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Ajahn Chandako

Son monastère : Vimutti Monastery
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Ajahn Succito

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Mouvement laïc

John Kabat-Zinn
jean Gerard Bloch
Christophe Andree
Frederic Lopez

Nanavira Bhikkhu

  • Un site web dédié  (Clearing the path est certainement un de mes Dhamma book préféré :_)
  • Sa page wiki 
  • Un reportage sur lui 
  • Le livre d’un de ses « disciples » The Buddha's Teaching and the Ambiguity of Existence par R. G. de S. Wettimuny

Un de mes passage préféré dans cette lettre

"The mistake is to approach consciousness by way of the body. But rational science, being essentially the study of what is public, namely matter, has no alternative. The laws of science are the laws of matter, and if these laws are universal then consciousness (whatever it may be) must necessarily be subordinate to matter. What science overlooks, and cannot help overlooking, is the fact that in order to know the body it is first necessary to be conscious of it—the body is an object (amongst other objects) of consciousness, and to seek to investigate consciousness by way of the body, instead of the other way round, is to put the cart before the horse. Consciousness comes first, and if it is to be known it must be studied directly (that is to say, by immediate reflexion). This matter has been stated clearly by J.-P. Sartre, who, in his principal work dealing with consciousness, writes more than 250 pages out of a total of 700 before mentioning the body at all. This is what he says.

Perhaps some may be surprised that we have treated the problem of knowing without raising the question of the body and of the senses and even once referring to it. It is not my purpose to misunderstand or to ignore the role of the body. But what is important above all else, in ontology as elsewhere, is to observe strict order in discussion. Now the body, whatever may be its function, appears first as the known. We cannot therefore refer knowledge back to it, or discuss it before we have defined knowing, nor can we derive knowing in its fundamental structure from the body in any way or manner whatsoever. (EN, pp. 270-1; B&N, p. 218)"


L'enseignement du Bouddha : D'après les textes les plus anciens de Walpola Rahula
Piyadassi Thera
U Narada : The Buddha and his teaching
Nyanaponika Thera and Bhikku Bodhi : The Buddha and his disciples
Burlingame, Eugene Watson : Buddhist legends
A journey into Burmese Silence
Le livre et les entretiens d'Eric Braun : entretiens
The way of ultimate calm, Webu Sayadaw
Périls et promesses de la vie spirituelle, Jack Kornfield
Les livres de Wijayaratna Môhan et de Ajahn Chah


Documentaire sur les moines de la forêt : Our life is like our breath Dhamma hospital à Rangoon

Burmese Movie: A Monk's Single Meal
Dominique Trotignons sur la chaine Youtube
Burma, Buddhism and Neutralism - Full Length Documentary, Myanmar
Burma Buddhism U Ba Khin


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Dhamma de la foret (Metta Sutta magnifique)
Wat Pah Nanachat
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Yuttadhamo, Ask a monk !



Bhante Rahula : Good meditation posture
yoga for meditation
yoga for meditation 2
Autre How to meditate


La massagerie

Les robes

How to wear robe (long version)
How to wear robe (short version)

Chang Kraben, Longhi

How to Make Traditional Thai Dancing Pants - YouTube
นุ่งผ้าโจงกระเบน - YouTube
How to tie a Longhi Bagan, Myanmar (Burma) Mar 2010 - YouTube
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นุ่งโจงกระเบน เอกลักษณ์ไทย มนต์เสน่ห์ของผ้าไทย โดย ครูอ๊อดนาฏศิลป์ระยอง - YouTube
Animation Noonghom - YouTube

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